Otzar Toras Chaim

לזכר נשמת הילד חיים גרשון ע"ה
בן יצחק אריה הכהן נ"י

As we approach the first yahrtzeit of Chaim Gershon ע”ה, we are humbled to join with K’hal Chessed L’Avraham – Zidichoiv in creating a new otzar in the shul, l’zechus our precious son, who loved davening and learning in these very walls.

Otzar Toras Chaim will be a designated section of sefarim that will be”H perpetuate Chaim’s love for Torah and help enhance children’s learning, davening, מידות טובות and השקפת החיים. This Otzar will be available for all children throughout the Chicago community to come and enjoy.

With the guidance of the rav and local mechanchim, we have chosen a selection of clear and attractive sefarim to help children learn and love Hashem’s Torah. This otzar will be”H have a collection ranging from kriah seforim to illustrated mishnayos and elucidated gemaros, with sifrei halacha, Tanach, gedolim stories, and the like for children of all ages.

You can also mail donations to 3122 W. Arthur Ave. Chicago, Il 60645.

For more information, please call or text: (224) 251-9093

For questions regarding the donation process, please call the office at: 773-761-4005

Yitzchok Aryeh and Nechama Leiba Freid

לכבוד ידידי אחי ורעי שליט”א
As we are approaching the first יארצייט of הילד הנחמד חיים גרשון פריד ז”ל
There will be an אוצר הספרים dedicated לעילוי נשמתו הטהורה. The idea is to אי”ה give a geshmak feeling in order to influence and encourage השקפת החיים & לימוד התורה , With specific ספרים geared towards children and young בחורים.
We ask all to participate in this special project אוצר תורת חיים that is לעלוי נשמתו. 
Horav Zalman Leib Eichenstein 
Rav Khal Chesed L’Avraham-ZiditchovRosh Kollel- Kollel Zichron Yitzchok Zev
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